Ecclestone calls meeting with teams.


Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is meeting with Team Principals on Thursday in a bid to finalise the sport’s future. The 82-year-old, who has already discussed key areas such as a new Concorde deal and the V6 engine era with Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes heads, will talk to the remaining teams in London.

In addition to the Concorde Agreement – which officially binds teams to the sport – and the new turbocharged V6 engine units which are set for introduction next season, debated subjects such as the use of customer cars and entry fees will be looked at.

Ecclestone will hold a meeting with a number of team bosses on Thursday

Ecclestone will hold a meeting with a number of team bosses on Thursday

Talking about the situation at this week’s opening test in Jerez, McLaren Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh says the teams ‘need to have’ a new Concorde deal in place, but is unsure as to how the negotiations are going to progress as the first race approaches.

“We’re good a creating crises in our sport and we’re good at not sorting them out,” Whitmarsh told reporters. “We need to have somebody come out and say ‘peace in our time’, wave a bit of paper and say ‘here’s a new Concorde Agreement’. We need to have that, but I’m not sure everyone is motivated to do it.”

Ecclestone stated this week that the upcoming campaign will feature 19 races, with the 7 July slot remaining unfilled. The German Grand Prix, which went through a phase of uncertainty amid financial problems, has been confirmed at the Nürburgring.

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