F1 fan, Henry, needs your help.


Henry was born in June 2009, our first born child and was the most amazing little miracle ever, and after being told I was unable to have children we could not have asked for a more perfect little boy, we adored him. Henry made us into a family which is something we thought we would never have.

Henry’s first year was like any other child’s, he reached all his milestones and developed his personality, he loves Disney films especially Cars and often pretends to be his favourite characters.

When Henry was just 2 years old we noticed a major change, he went from being a happy little chappy to always complaining his legs or tummy hurt. Christmas and New Year were distressing, Henry wasn’t right; he was happy and playful one moment and seemingly in pain the next.

His tummy was slightly pot-bellied but after taking Henry to the Doctors 6 times, and being told he was constipated, I was made to feel like an over active Mum, and although I was sure there was something not right we decided that maybe a break would do us all good, so we headed off to visit Nan-nan and Grandad, Henry adores both sets of grandparents and was so looking forward to going to Hunstanton Seaside, however once we were there Henry was so grizzly we returned home the same day. I was now sure something was seriously wrong, so we took him to our local hospital, Henry’s tummy was so swollen he now looked pregnant.

Henry was transferred by ambulance to Oxford Hospital, The blue lights were so exciting for him, but I could barely remember how to breathe through sheer terror. Once there gruelling tests revealed a diagnosis that came like a bullet to the chest, Our precious little boy had cancer, Stage four High risk Neuroblastoma, Henry was battling for his life, and at that moment our world completely shattered.

The days and weeks that ensued were a complete blur of tests, treatments and procedures all completely alien to us, none of which we could believe were happening to our little boy, especially hearing the word Chemotherapy for the first time and watching this being dripped into his tiny body confirmed that what Henry was now facing was a matter of life and death.

From that day onwards we began to learn what Neuroblastoma actually meant, and we very quickly realised that although the treatment Henry was undergoing was the best treatment available to us at the time, the reality of what may lay ahead was frightening. Neuroblastoma has around an 80% relapse rate and currently there is no relapse protocol in the UK.

We began to research online and discovered the charity Families Against Neuroblastoma; we started to learn about children that were ahead of Henry in treatment and some of the treatments that children had received abroad. These treatments have been proven to increase the chances of survival by over 25% and in some cases have saved children’s lives. We want this lifeline for Henry and although it comes at a huge expense with your help we know can do it.

Families Against Neuroblastoma helps families like ours raise the huge sums needed, but rely heavily on the generosity and support of the general public, especially our local community.

Henry’s appeal aims to raise £500,000 to be able to offer Henry the best of every available treatment no matter where in the world it may be.


Henry is the most amazing little man, he always has a massive smile and a Henry Hug for everyone he meets, and he always has a joke to play on someone and a cheeky grab at the doctor’s equipment, or a helping hand for the nurses.

He adores animals, in particular Lion’s, and it is his dream to be a Zoo keeper when he is bigger but right now Henry just wants to go to ‘big school’ like the ‘big boys’.

Please help Henry fulfil his dreams by giving him the chance to grow up.

Thank you, Dawn and Mark – Henry’s Mum & Dad.

Twitter – @henryallenappl

JustGiving – http://www.justgiving.com/henryallenappeal




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